Eiji Kikkawa + Shinku Noda


2010-08-25 by Shinku Noda

The architectural aim of our proposition is relatively simple. It consists of a straight, 110m high extrusion through the plot, dug upon a 100m2 void. The structure relies on 2 knots bearing the vertical mechanical circulations and 3 posts, freeing one’s perception on the space from structural constrain at its maximum. The void allows natural light back to all levels and the outside semi-public space on the first floor, and it creates panoptical circular typologies on the decks as well as vertiginous views on the rest of the tower and the surrounding city of Tokyo. Certain levels are decomposed in order to greatly increase heights and therefore, the quality of natural lights. An inside staircase hangs upon the void, which is limited by glass panels. The gangway typology is exploited in the same way for the exhibition and fashion show spaces, and, associated to a glass treatment of the partition walls, it renders an arrangement which is perceptible from all the decks, including the adjoining ones. One could imagine fashion shows being held on 2 levels at the same time, exploiting the staircase as an element of the whole set and thus allowing the eye to follow the models as they evolve.The frontage blends acrylic flakes with the metal structure. Its dimensions, structural width and opaqueness proprieties subtly vary in order to create an arrangement of the various inside spaces at urban scales, as well as various inside light atmospheres.
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