Eiji Kikkawa + Shinku Noda

Cité des Morts

2010-08-25 by Shinku Noda

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The river springs out of the mountain and flows into the ocean. Human beings are born on the earth and return to the earth. All things keep on going around. Can human beings accept death not as the end of a life but as part of a life?

A Japanese large majority does not have religion. This thinks that it will be not thinking just for a moment to people in the Occidental Christianity area, and people in the Eastern Islamic area and the Buddhism area. There is a cause in Japanese people not believing in specific God. Japanese people had the view that all things were God and God dwelt in all, from ancient times. Even if neither Christ nor BUDDA is, God is unconsciously felt everywhere in the life.

In this plan, such a Japanese religion view was embodied in the form of a cemetery.

This big river flows from the heart of the mountains to the sea. A gravepost that carried out the form of a post is stood along the flow of the river. The gravepost is  increased as it approaches the central part of the city. The institution such as a crematory that made it the structure is built in the place that the gravepost accumulated. And the gravepost decreases again as it approaches the sea, at last the river arrives at the sea.

A cemetery begins from one post, and it converges on one post and disappears. This river has rooted in the life of people deeply, and people will be daily concerned with the dead through this river.

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